My fair is coming!

School fair, at that. It comes every end of September every year. It’s always fun because our school puts rides in our school (Our school is that big.) in preparation for the fair 😀  Our school has a bazaar in our cafeteria during our fair where they sell pins (With funny quotes! i.e. ‘I bet you want me’ Considering they are selling it in an all boys school, it’s funny) hats, and useless stuff that, somehow, I keep asking my parents to buy. (Who dosen’t want a flashing box?) and the Bazaar is where my best friend slipped on a tiny Smiley-Faced beanie bag thing and broke his ligament (He calls me the substitue of ‘Fail’. I call him the substitute of ‘Careless’) But, oh, this is just one of the best things about the Fair! There are junk food stalls as far as the eye can see. Sandwhiches? Check. Popcorn? Check? Popcorn Sandwhich? Check. And this year, which is my last year in Grade School, we get to man one of the Main booths (Marraige Booth-We catch two people and force them to kiss and sometimes, when people are really cruel, they make it a same gender marraige. Stamp Booth- They have stamps of kiss marks. Thank God, I don’t work there. Dress me Up Booth- We boys dread this as your dignity [Honor, Ability to look at a girl again, etc.] is torn. You have to pay a small fee or else the people will catch you and dress you up in a dress. And, oh yeah, girls get a Darth Maul mask. Dedication Booth- My booth:D We put in the CD for the music in the Fair. We also announce. with a small fee, who should be caught by the Marraige and Dress me Up booth. Its gonna be fun.) And, if you are still here after that long parenthesis (I should switch to Footnotes) there is still more to the fair. We have a celebration with food and stuff in our seperate classrooms and we play games with our parents. But it is kinda embarassing to not have your parents there because like last time, I had to borrow a parent 😯 Well that is all! I am really excited for this except for the fact that after the fair, it is my Entrance Examinations to the High School and it is also my exams after that 😐


UPDATE: Woah….I just checked the “Possible Related Posts” and all of them is related to Obama’s “Back to School” speech 😐

Update 2: Oh yeah, I just noticed. Happy 100th post!


~ by skeleton boy on September 18, 2009.

One Response to “My fair is coming!”

  1. That Fair sounds awesome!! The school I go to is too cheap and boring to do stuff like that. 😦

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