About me.

Hi! I am Captain Awe*  (Here’s a pic.)


Penguin’s Birthday: March 1 2008

Music I like: Everything in my iPod.

Likes:  CP! (duh!) JAPAN! Japanese food!

Dislikes:  Cafeteria Food (You know that thing that just crawled out the window)

Home Server: Where ever my buddies are. (or at White Out)

Clothing for Penguin: Since I am not a member I just get non-member items, so I change my look from time to time but my favorite style (so far) is the outfit in the picture above.

Editing Tools: Microsoft Tools and Picnik

About this blog:

One day I was bored and decided to waste spend my precious time on this blog!

This blog is about CP and other stuff feel free to browse!

*Not to be confused with Captain Awesome of Chuck


One Response to “About me.”

  1. Cool! Your blog is a lot like mine (http://fyril.wordpress.com/ ). I post about CP and other random stuff! 🙂

    Captain Awe : Put THIS too on my blogroll 😀

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