I feel like flying a pie into a potato.

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Yes, indeed, I do. I just feel bored and want to make a random video with my friend. Just some random skits all put into one video. I trust we are smart (And witty :D) Enough to make enough ideas. Randomness FTW!

And that is not only an awesome song but most likely our background music forour video 😀



New Percy Jackson Movie Trailer!

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It’s seems like a great Book turned into Movie thing unlike Inkheart. The books were nice and I recommend it to those who are interested in the Greek and Roman Gods! 😀


I KNOW I am not posting.

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School. School. School. School.

The reason I am not posting is because of that but even if I have free time I still don’t post here because well, I have nothing to post about. Anyways, I am just dropping in for a while just to tell you that I didn’t quit. I just post very seldom 😐


My story dissolved.

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Yeah I decided that I will give up on my book. I just realized how stupid the plot is, the characters and their traits and so. I also have a huge writer’s block in my story. I suppose I will come back to it soon and fix it but not any time soon, sadly. This IS my first try on a book and I the only the only reason why I made it was because I was bored but that doesn’t mean that I would stop writing. I loved the feeling to write, the air-con whirring in the background as I furiously typed and backspaced (That is a word, right?) and IMPROVED on my story, which is hardly a chapter. Wait, not EVEN a chapter :|. Though I ended this story, I decide to move on to another which I am thinking of right now. I stand by my action and will not continue my story so don’t convince me otherwise, which is great because hardly anyone comes here….


P.S. I still have the draft here in my posts so I MIGHT return at it :D.

P.P.S.: You noticed why I didn’t put the color? Because I just noticed too…. Well that means I won’t put on color any time soon :D.

Book Recomandations!

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So as a reader, semi-writer and top scorer of Pacman among my family, I recommend these books (And not only because I have nothing to post about):

  • The Alchemyst Series by Micheal Scott- I just got the second book from my school library but it’s good even if I don’t understand what is happening…. Oh yeah, I bought the first book 😀
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians- VERY AWESOME SERIES.
  • Milkweed- Book about the Holocaust and Jews in th Ghetto. Nice book. Recommended (Obviously because this whole list is about recommended books).
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime- Nice Book. My friend hates it.
  • The mango-shaped space: Nice book. About a girl with a rare disease that makes her see colors through sound and stuff.

And that’s about it. See ya next time, which might be a week.



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    So, since I am extremely bored and because I have a HUGE writer’s block in my story and in this blog, I annoyed my dad until I got my DS. Which eventually (A month? Pshhhhh.) worked and now I have no idea what is happening in my games. In TWEWY my pins that I didn’t want PP for got PP and due to this they couldn’t evolve right (I am guessing that about 5 people, which by the way is a lot, who visit this blog don’t even now what I am talking about) :|. In Lunar Knights, I got beaten up by the tutorial because I forgot the controls (Ohhh, the irony!). In Pokemon, I got the newest Mystery Gift which was the Darkrai gift, and now I keep getting PWNED OBLITERATED SQUISHED HAIDOUKEN-ED hurt by him. He is just so dang hard :|. It’s just impossible to catch him. Well now, I will check tips on how to catch him on the Web :D.


    UPDATE: Well…just looked that Darkrai’s catch rate is 1…huh?

    The secret of invisibility!

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    First of (I am using a different color now. Why? Why, 42 of course.) This wasn’t originally my idea it was from a book that-I-forgot-the-name-to. I think it has the word “Bathroom” in the title. Weird title but awesome book.

    The secret to invisibility:

    1. First off, dance.
    2. Then do random dancing
    3. Then don’t follow steps 1 or 2
    4. Then change yourself into a dancing jellybean
    5. Then ignore all the steps including this one.
    6. The REAL secret to INVISBILITY, is in the next step.
    7. I wonder if anyone sees this?
    8. Way to turn yourself INVISIBLE: Change your font color.